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Tristan Wozniak is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She earned her Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Montana in 2012.  She is also a Child Mental Health Specialist, treating children adolescents and young adults in a variety of settings since 2006. She has worked with a variety of youth on issues relating to depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, as well as reactions to various life transitions. Tristan has also worked with adults since 2014. 


Tristan believes that counseling works best as a collaboration between the client, parents, and families. She works with you to create reasonable and measurable goals for your time together while establishing an environment of safety and acceptance to encourage exploration and sharing of thoughts and feelings.  Since children often express themselves best through play, Tristan uses play therapy methods to help kids share and process what is going on and to learn better coping skills.  Older children, teens, and adults may have more vocabulary to express their thoughts and experiences, but sometimes find it difficult to put complicated feelings into words.  Tristan is able to help navigate that process.


Ultimately and regardless of age, you are the expert on your own experience. After all, you are the one living it. Tristan is able to help take experiences and transform them into something more helpful.  Along with play therapy, she uses cognitive-behavioral (fancy words for thinking and doing) techniques, narrative (how we tell our stories) therapies, and other proven methods to help you or your child process, heal, and make positive changes. 


If you are interested in working with Tristan you can call 360-414-8600x114 to set up an initial appointment. 

Tristan Wozniak, LMHC

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