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Fees, billing, missed appointments and

payment options


Your clinician is independent and sets his or her own fees.

The fees of each clinician are consistent with governmental guidelines suggested by the Health

Care Financing Administration (HCFA), reimbursement schedules of most insurance companies, and with those charged by other local psychologists, social workers, and mental health counselors.

Your clinician’s contract with individual insurance companies may require them to make certain adjustments to fees.

It is NWPR’s policy not to deny access to services based on ability to pay. Discounted fee structures with some clinicians are available based on income and number of dependents within the home.

Please contact our office staff about your clinician’s fees. If you plan to use insurance to help cover costs, the best way to determine what you should expect is to call your insurance company and ask about your mental

health coverage.

A customer service representative should be able to provide you information about deductibles and co-payments you are expected to pay. You should also ask if the clinician you wish to see is considered a covered provider.

If relevant to the reason you are coming, also ask if they offer coverage for marital therapy, family counseling, or for psychological/neuropsychological testing.

Billing statements are sent out monthly, usually within the first week of the month.

The statements review all past services and payments for the previous month.  The last few days of the previous month may not be reflected in the statement but will appear in the next statement.

Contact our billing staff at any time at 360-414-8600 if you have questions about your statement.

A Note about Missed Appointments and

Late Cancellations

If you need to cancel an appointment, please call immediately (including nights and weekends) to leave notice for your clinician.

All clinicians require at least 24 hours of notice.



We understand that people sometimes simply forget their appointment, while others must choose between their appointment and another important activity.


As stated in the Office Policies provided to you at your first appointment, remember that insurance does not pay for missed appointments and it is customary to bill you for charges. Keep in mind your clinician has set aside an hour or more of his or her time for this appointment. Your time is valuable, and so is your clinician’s.


Missing your appointment hinders your care, prevents someone else from being able to benefit from the appointment time, and represents lost income for your clinician who likely could have filled the hour if

knowing you could not attend. You clinician is not on salary and makes their living only by providing billable services. Failing to show or cancelling late is literally money out of their pocket.

Some clinicians offer fee waivers or discounts for first-time mistakes, or when genuine emergencies prohibit you coming to an appointment.


Forgetting, discovering a last-minute conflict, wanting to do something else, or unexpectedly

being called into work can create difficult choices for you, but usually do not constitute emergencies.

You may notice an adjustment on your statement showing if your clinician chose to offer full or partial discount for the miss.

Each clinician decides if they are willing to offer an adjustment on a case-by-case basis. Any questions regarding your fee for this missed appointment should be directed to your clinician.

Since you are a private client of your clinician and not NWPR, the billing staff is unable to make changes to your bill without your clinician’s authorization.


There are several ways to make a payment on your account, both in and out of the office.

In Office Payments

Please plan to pay your co-payments each visit. All clinicians request payment of fees or at least your co-payment each time of service.

You can also drop by the office at any time during business hours to make a payment on your account.

You may pay your clinician directly at each visit. Clinicians contract with NWPR to receive funds for them. Your check can be made payable to NWPR.


If you are writing a check for some other than you (e.g., child, family member, etc.), be sure to note on the check the name of the client receiving services.


You can also pay cash to your clinician or the front reception desk.  A receipt will be issued to document your payment. Credit, debit, and HSA card payments are accepted.


We ask that you come to the front desk to make this type of payment.  Individual clinicians can run your card if billing staff is unavailable.


On the intake paperwork, you also have the option of providing a credit card number you would like NWPR to keep on file and bill for co-pays and other client-due balances. This is convenient, quick, and secure. No charges are made to clear accounts until we are sure all insurance benefits have been paid. Let us know if you prefer this method.


Out of Office Payments

Below are your options for making payments from home:

1. Mail in a check made payable to “NWPR.” Be sure to include the client’s name (if not yourself) and name of the clinician.

2. Call in your credit card number. Our staff will securely run your payment.

3. Set up NWPR as a merchant with your bank for online bill payment.

Bank of America customers can already find NORTHWEST PSYCHOLOGICAL RSRCS in their merchant directory.

Again, be sure to designate the client’s name while ordering payment so we can be sure credit the proper account.

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