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Jackilyn Imper, L.I.C.S.W. 


As a fully licensed and independent clinical social worker, I strive to provide the highest quality, individualized care that looks at the full scope of being a human in the world. I got my master's degree in Social Work from Portland State University in 2020 and have continued to pursue a variety of ongoing training and learning in the community.


Generally, I work well with teens and adults that come from a variety of backgrounds. I support all races, ethnicities, genders, and other demographics. I also work with a variety of mental health related conditions including but not limited to anxiety, depression, trauma, and others. My clients experience a sense of self empowerment and ability to address their goals in a way that feels right to them personally with gentle therapeutic guidance.


I offer therapeutic guidance in a compassionate, thoughtful, caring, and safe environment. I can provide a personalized therapy experience pulling from a variety of both somatic and cognitive modalities. I am trained in EMDR, Emotional Freedom techniques, CBT and more. I am certified in Nutrition for Mental Heath and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).


If you would like to schedule a consultation, please call our main office at (360) 414-8600 or contact me directly at or 503-308-1161

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