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D. James Calver, PsyD.

Raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Dr. Calver earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Portland State University in 2007 before working as an operator on regional crisis lines, and providing psychometric services at NWPR beginning in 2012.

He went on to earn his Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University in 2016, and completed his Doctor of Clinical Psychology degree from Pacific University in August of 2020.

He has been providing psychotherapy and evaluation services to patients for six years.

As a Neuropsychology Resident, Dr. Calver is now receiving post-doctoral specialty supervision in neuropsychological assessment with Stephen Meharg, PhD, ABN.

Dr. Calver provides both psychotherapy and psychological evaluations for adolescents and adults.

His primary therapeutic approach is informed by psychodynamic theory, incorporating features of DBT and CBT depending on patient needs.

Due to the pandemic, Dr. Calver is primarily offering psychotherapy via telehealth, but is also available for in-person sessions one day per week.

Personal Statement:

Who am I?

Why do I think and feel the way I do?

How can I improve my outlook on my life, and my relationships with others? How can I possibly find relief from my trauma, my depression, my anxiety, or my obsessions?

These are questions many individuals ask themselves before starting psychotherapy.

My aim is to provide an accepting space where you can explore your fears, desires, and even your confusion, with someone who will listen carefully and respond empathetically.

Together, we can identify ways to better cope with the demands of your life, determine the changes you want to make and how to make them, and find acceptance for the things we are unable to change.

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