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Duncan James Calver, PsyD.

Raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Duncan James Calver, PsyD earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Portland State University in 2007. Entering the field of mental health in 2010, he first served as an operator on regional suicide prevention and crisis lines, and in 2012 he began providing psychometric services at NWPR. In 2013, he was accepted to Pacific University’s Clinical Psychology Doctoral program and was awarded his Master of Science in Clinical Psychology in 2016. As part of his clinical training, he returned to NWPR in 2016 to provide psychotherapy and assessments until 2019, when he attended a doctoral internship at Burrell Behavioral Health, Springfield, Missouri; there, he received further training in neuropsychological assessment and psychodynamic therapy. Duncan received his Doctor of Clinical Psychology degree in August of 2020 and is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the State of Washington.


Dr. Calver’s therapeutic approach incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and his broader techniques are informed by Jungian psychodynamic theory. For psychotherapy, he serves adults over the age of 18 and specialties include treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and phobias. Dr. Calver is also receiving post-doctoral training in neuropsychology with Stephen Meharg, PhD, ABN, performing psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults.

Dr. Calver is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), the National Academy of Neuropsychology (NAN), and the Pacific Northwest Neuropsychological Society (PNNS). 


Per Washington State health regulations for health care providers, Dr. Calver has been fully immunized against COVID-19 since March 2021 and he received a booster in November 2021. He recommends that you also be immunized against COVID-19.


Dr. Calver can be reached at


WA License PY61189478

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