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Telehealth Services Available - Call 360-414-8600 for more information

The heart of NWPR is found in clinicians who represent the highest standard in clinical competence, professionalism, and ethical behavior. While autonomous in practice, clinicians function in an integrated and complementary manner.  You'll find each clinician as well as our office staff friendly and helpful. (See the contact information below .)

NWPR is regarded as the premier mental health service organization in the community. Agencies and professionals refer consumers to NWPR with full confidence that services will be provided in a timely and competent manner.


Consumers facing the need for mental health treatment will see NWPR as the best option for shortening their journey from despair to hope, and from hope to healing.

Click on a photo below to choose a clinician and find out more about a particular provider.


Making an appointment at Northwest Psychological Resources


Making an appointment with anyone at NWPR is easy.

If you have not already selected a clinician to see, click on one of the photos above to read about that provider.  You can also call a patient services representative to discuss your situation and needs. Our staff can help connect you with the clinician best suited to help.


If you already know who you would like to see,

simply call our office number at:

(360) 414 – 8600


If you call during normal business hours (9:00am to 4:30pm, Mon-Fri), your call will be answered by one of our friendly office staff. If all lines are busy or you call after hours, the answering system will provide you the option of leaving a confidential message for either the office staff or a specific clinician.  Our staff should be able to call you back within a few hours.


Our office staff will confidentially collect some information.

If you are using insurance, we may check to be sure you

have coverage for the clinician you would like to see. 

Clinicians can also offer cash payment if you have no

insurance or prefer complete privacy. Depending on

availability, this includes some who offer low-fee

schedules based on income.


Clinicians at NWPR have busy practices. It is not unusual for some to have a wait list. In this event, you will be given the option to be placed on this list, see another NWPR clinician with expertise related to your problem, or possibly be referred to another community agency. The choice is yours.

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