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Below are clinicians who represent the highest standards in clinical competence, professionalism, and ethical behavior.  While autonomous in practice and solely responsible for the care they provide, clinicians function in a complementary manner.  You'll find each clinician as well as our office staff friendly and helpful.


NWPR is not a traditional clinic or group practice, but rather a provider of administrative support and office space to a consortium of mental health professionals, each in private practice.  Those seeking services are a private client of their clinician; not of NWPR or any other clinician.  NWPR serves your clinician so they can better serve you. 


Agencies and professionals refer consumers to clinicians with full confidence that services will be provided in a timely and expert manner.  Consumers in search of mental health evaluation and treatment will see these clinicians as the best option for shortening their journey from despair to hope, and from hope to healing.

Click on a photo below to choose a clinician and find out more about a particular provider.

Making an appointment at Northwest Psychological Resources


Making a new appointment with any clinician first involves filling out an Appointment Request Form. This form may be found under the tab Appointment Request/Forms on this website. 

Once we receive this form, our staff can assist you on behalf of the clinician in making an appointment, or helping you choose a clinician best suited to your situation and needs. If you are using insurance benefits, we may check to be sure you have coverage for the clinician you would like to see.


As we have only one full-time window and phone receptionist, we use an automated answering system to screen your call.  Not what we prefer, but the best we can do to manage high call volumes with limited staff.  If you call during normal business hours (9:00am to 4:30pm, Mon-Fri), we do our best to personally answer calls.  If all lines are busy or you call after hours, the answering system will provide you the option of leaving a confidential message for either the reception staff or a specific clinician.  The system will provide the option of selecting from a lengthy list of staff and clinician extensions.


Clinicians can accept cash payments if you have no insurance or prefer complete privacy. Depending on availability, this includes those clinicians who offer low-fee schedules based on income and number of dependents in your home. This may involve seeing a clinician in advanced stages of training and under supervision of a licensed provider.


Clinicians have very busy practices.  Coupled with very high demand, it is not unusual for clinicians to have a wait list.  In this event, you will be given the option to be placed on this list, see another clinician with expertise related to your problem, or possibly be referred to another community agency. The choice is yours.

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