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Maria N. Bloomfield, M. A., CPA

Maria N. Bloomfield is a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She received her M.A. at Voronezh State University in 2005 and completed teaching and counseling practicums with K-12 and university students, musicians, realtors, and police officers. Upon moving to the U.S., she worked as a mental health counselor for high-risk youth. Looking for different approaches in psychological treatment, she sought more life experience and understanding. In 2010, she took a temporary break from the mental health field and graduated with a degree in Accounting from the University of West Florida.  Since 2013, Maria has been running a successful CPA business assisting individual and business clients with their finances. Maria continued her education in psychology throughout that time and completed multiple courses in health coaching, hormonal health, and yoga.  She is currently in a two-year Parent-Infant Observation program at Columbia University's Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research. 


Personal statement:

I strive to understand each individual's complexity and draw from a variety of perspectives and theoretical schools. Anger, stress, anxiety, and depression do not exist in a vacuum. I aim to help understand and heal the roots of those difficult states. I also believe in exploring short-term practical options that could alleviate suffering and sustain the depth work. Together, we will take a comprehensive look at your physical health, dreams, and relationships and define the meaning and direction of your personal story. 


I love to support people struggling with physical illness, relationships with parents/spouses/kids, marriage and dating; life transitions (death, divorce, career change, pregnancy, menopause); anxiety and depression; practical issues of health and financial health; life purpose; religion and spirituality; immigration and cultural adaptation. 


Languages: English (fluent), Russian (fluent).  


Maria can be reached at 360-414-8600 (ext 161) or (preferred).

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