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NWPR clinicians represent the highest standard in clinical competence, professionalism, and ethical behavior. While autonomous in practice, clinicians will function in an integrated and complementary manner. NWPR clinicians will be actively invested in the local community, establishing an individual and corporate presence through educational, business, and philanthropic activities, as well as tasteful marketing and innovative service delivery which is responsive to the needs of the community.

Office staff will offer courteous, warm, and personalized service, leaving prospective and current consumers feeling supported and respected. NWPR will be distinguished from its competitors by responsive, dignified, and personalized interaction with consumers who receive professional care by caring office staff and clinicians with the highest qualifications. As a result, NWPR will be regarded as the premier mental health service organization in the community, operating effectively and profitably in a competitive and dynamic business environment.

Agencies and professionals will refer consumers to NWPR with full confidence that services will be provided in a timely and competent manner. Consumers facing the need for mental health treatment will see NWPR as the best option for shortening their journey from despair to hope, and from hope to healing.