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In 1993, several mental health groups and individual clinicians in the Longview-Kelso area began meeting to discuss the feasibility of joining forces in an era of rapid change and influence of managed care in the mental health environment.

Two local psychologists and members of Longview Psychological Group, Drs. Michael Sampson and Carol Pahlke, took the initiative to begin design and construction on a new building capable of housing interested therapists in a larger, multi-disciplinary setting capable of providing a broad range of clinical services while competing effectively in a competitive business environment. Drs. David deVidal and Stephen Meharg of Evergreen Psychological Services joined Drs. Sampson and Pahlke in this effort.

Together, these four psychologists formed Northwest Psychological Resources, L.L.C.to serve as the corporation responsible for administrating the business affairs of the newly formed consortium of independent practitioners under the unifying name of Northwest Psychological Resources (NWPR).

Each provider is in private practice, utilizing the management resources of NWPR for billing, reception, scheduling, and other administrative aspects of their business.

Clients are served by individual practitioners, and are not considered clients of NWPR or any other clinician affiliated with NWPR.